Foster a Business Environment of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Jared believes that there is immense talent in Indiana, it is just being held back due to a lack of access to capital, poor broadband access in rural areas, and brain drain. Your zip code should not determine your future, and we must improve services for rural communities. Indiana currently ranks the 3rd worst state for entrepreneurship and the 9th worst in educational attainment. We must work together and think of solutions beyond tax incentives to unleash the talent of Hoosiers. They are not enough.

Make Indiana a Nexus for Defense Innovation

  • District 65 is adjacent to Naval Support Activity Crane and includes Camp Atterbury, where US special operations forces have trained to fight the Global War on Terrorism. Jared’s great-grandparents built artillery shells and ammunition at Crane during World War II. In alignment with the recommendations of the Defense Innovation Board, Jared would like to see Indiana become home to institutes and military research organizations that develop the next generation of military innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence are equivalent to previous defense innovation such as the development of stealth technology and nuclear weapons. The next weapon of mass destruction will likely come in the form of code. He would also like to see more local Department of Defense investments in command and control, communications, computers and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) technologies to ensure that our military can face threats growing in complexity and sophistication.

Access to Capital

  • Jared’s hears frequently that people wish to either grow their small “side gig” businesses that they have to supplement their low wages. One in five Hoosiers has zero net worth. Jared would like to see these “micro-entrepreneurs” have access to grow and build their businesses through small business micro-loans and grants, particularly for women and people leveraging information technology.

Expand Affordable Broadband Access in Rural Areas

  • In many rural areas in District 65, there are very few Internet Service Providers that provide quality broadband access. This holds back children who live in rural areas that are given computers for homework in school. It holds back business owners and telework employees who want to work at home but cannot. Jared will push legislation to ensure that our broadband infrastructure reaches rural areas so that students, businesses, employees, and business owners can thrive and grow.

Reduce Brain Drain to Foster Innovation & Growth

  • Brain drain is a huge problem in Indiana. Our most talented people who receive undergraduate and advanced degrees at Indiana’s world-class universities and Ivy League universities believe that to be successful, they must leave their hometowns and move to places such as Chicago, Louisville, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and New York City. We must provide incentives for talented young people to return to their hometowns and become successful, innovative and driven people who not only leverage their skills but also become engaged members of their communities.  We can do this by providing programs to pay interest on student loans to offset a decrease in wages due to living in small Indiana towns, create programs for young professionals to network and collaborate, and encourage startup competitions to create an environment where innovators can innovate.

Create an Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship

  • Jared would like to see small business incubators in towns across Indiana that provide administrative support and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. For many, the administrative burden of starting a business is a barrier that discourages entrepreneurs to start or grow their businesses. By creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurship through business competitions, mentorship, and opportunities to compete for capital, we can leverage the talent we have across the state and unleash their passion and skills.
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