Jared’s platform focuses on challenging the opioid epidemic, improving government social services agencies, creating a 21st-century workforce, and making the education reforms to support children as they prepare for the future. He also focuses improving the cybersecurity of government websites and critical infrastructure. To find more information on Jared’s platform, click on the links below:

Face the Opioid Epidemic Together

The solution to the opioid epidemic will not come from government. It will come from communities working together to face this immense challenge. But there is legislation that can be passed to ensure that communities are supported by the State government, rather than held back due to a lack of resources. From expanding access to treatment, ensuring INSPECT compliance among medical practitioners, legalizing medical marijuana, and supporting harm reduction efforts, the Statehouse needs to support grassroots efforts to empower communities to face the opioid epidemic together.

Nurture a 21st Century Workforce

Jared often hears that people feel they need to leave Lawrence County to have a career. We have many young people working in unskilled jobs in fast food, informal construction work, or are chronically unemployed. Many local jobs in manufacturing are under threat of automation. We need to train people for the jobs of the future in cybersecurity, renewable energy, information technology, and advanced manufacturing. Community skills-based training programs should strive to meet the needs of local employers, but we must also provide people with the knowledge, skills, exposure, and relationships to succeed in their chosen professions.

Empower Our Union Workforce

Jared comes from a long line of union workers. His father was a forklift driver at GM Powertrain in Bedford and a loyal UAW 440 member. His uncles and grandfathers also worked at the foundry. Jared will work to reverse the attack upon unions by those in the Indiana Statehouse. From repealing the common construction wage and enacting right to work laws, Indiana’s unions are under threat. Jared will work to protect them.

Revitalize and Streamline our State Social Services

Because of the increased prevalence of mental health issues, poverty, and addiction over the past several decades combined with an aging population, Indiana’s social services are on the brink of collapse. We need to ensure that Hoosiers can get the services they need during a vulnerable moment in their life while linking them with the resources to become thriving members of their communities.

Improve Education Outcomes in Rural Communities

Many teachers Jared has spoken with have had to take a second job to make ends meet. A first-year teacher at North Lawrence Community Schools makes $34,000. The Indiana Statehouse may have a $60 million budget shortfall in education funding in 2018. If we are to compete in a global economy, we need world-class talent driving it. We need world-class scholars learning at world-class schools. We cannot do this by enabling the attack upon public education by Indiana’s lawmakers.

Foster a Business Environment of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Indiana is home to several global companies such as Eli Lilly and Cummins making innovations within their industries. However, the entrepreneurship environment is poor in places such as Lawrence County, with many small businesses failing due to poor access to capital, poor management practices, and an aversion towards technology. Besides training our workforce, we must unlock the entrepreneurial spirit and capabilities within Hoosiers to innovate and grow our economy. If we are to have a 21st-century workforce, we need world-class 21st-century companies employing it.

Address Complex Security Challenges

From transnational organized crime to cyber-espionage, we need to have the capacity to meet complex security challenges. Some State of Indiana websites have poor security controls, which could make them vulnerable to cyber attack or cyber exploitation, placing sensitive information at risk. Also, the corporate sector must be engaged in cybersecurity efforts to protect our critical infrastructure such as power plants, voting systems, and water treatment facilities. Also, Jared has frequently heard of I-65 being called the “Opioid Highway,” and many drug arrests along the I-65 have led to seizures of large quantities of methamphetamines and heroin. Jared is in favor of working with law enforcement, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, and the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center to fight the drug cartels pushing drugs into our communities.

Protect the Hoosier Environment

Jared loves to experience the natural treasures that the Hoosier state provides. Jared is dedicated to protecting Hoosiers from hazardous waste and pollution and preserving our forests and parks. He looks forward to working with Republicans and Democrats to protect Hoosiers and the treasures that were provided to us.


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