Address Complex Security Challenges

Make Indiana a Nexus for Defense Innovation

  • District 65 is adjacent to Naval Support Activity Crane and includes Camp Atterbury, where US special operations forces have trained to fight the Global War on Terrorism. Jared’s great-grandparents built artillery shells and ammunition at Crane during World War II. In alignment with the recommendations of the Defense Innovation Board, Jared would like to see Indiana become home to institutes and military research organizations that develop the next generation of military innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence are equivalent to previous defense innovation such as the development of stealth technology and nuclear weapons. The next weapon of mass destruction will likely come in the form of code. He would also like to see more local Department of Defense investments in command and control, communications, computers and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) technologies to ensure that our military can face threats growing in complexity and sophistication.

Safeguard the Sensitive Information of Hoosiers

  • Jared would like to enact legislation to ensure that all government information systems are in compliance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines to protect the sensitive information of all Hoosiers.
Many Indiana state government websites lack the proper security controls to protect the information of Hoosiers.

Improve Information Sharing Between Government and the Private Sector on Cybersecurity Threats

  • Many small businesses lack the information security controls to protect the information of their customers. From malware and ransomware, businesses are increasingly becoming under threat from cyber threat actors. Jared would like to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to enact legislation to improve information sharing among the private sector and Indiana government agencies tasked with protecting critical information systems. Information sharing on cyber threats should be a two-way street. He would also like to see toolkits for small businesses and entrepreneurs so that they can develop their own policies, procedures, and guidelines to protect sensitive information and more efficient reporting mechanisms for cyber incidents.

Ensure Cybersecurity Compliance For the Critical Systems That Run Indiana

  • From our power plants, water treatment facilities, emergency management systems, and voting systems, our critical infrastructure is what makes our communities functional and resilient. Cyber threats from Russia and China continue to be a threat, particularly to our voting systems. Jared would like to increase and streamline information sharing and communication between relevant state and federal agencies to ensure that our critical infrastructure is able to adapt to the growing complexities of both non-state and nation-state cyber threats.

For more information on cybersecurity, please see the following links below:


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